11 comments on ““Damaged Goods”

  1. Lovely write up. You can never go wrong speaking to your maker..He knows the best for you and will never leave you beat up by the world.

  2. When my ex-best friend told me “ you seem to enjoy being sad” , while I was going through a heartbreak and later fell into depression. It hurt! And yea, it was true I couldn’t stop wallowing in that pain but I expected a little more sensitivity. Totally relatable! The maker is the only place you can get the help your mind and soul requires.. as long as you want to be fixed and renewed, it’s possible ✌🏾

  3. Lol.
    It is the closest I could come to describing the deception and blinding pain that followed.
    Thank you.
    You are kind.
    I turned the other cheek but got blindsided by a mallet to the groin. Man, that’s some real pain right there.
    Thanks to Jesus for paying for goods way before they even existed to get damaged.
    You write really well

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