16 comments on “Dear Santa: The S’hit List (The S is silent)

  1. Lmaooooooo….

    No Bazooka for you! You dey threaten Santa..
    Couldn’t stop laughing at “Is that how you use to do”??

    I feel like a rejoinder is in Line and someone should do a Dear Ibro reply.
    Dear Ibro, The first time I keep quiet. No try me oh.

  2. I said it. You are not a serious person. Funny how you (wrongly) accuse me of being insane. Awkwardddddddddddddd.

    • You. Have. To. Be. Kidding.
      Alex we both know you take the cake bakery when it comes to extreme “unsaneness”. Don’t let me expose you here in front of all these good people o!

  3. After reaching the end of this post and realizing that there was actually NO list within the post I just hissed and closed the tab.

    I came back to drop this comment because it’s the right thing to do when someone takes you for a ride.

    But guess who’s on my shit list (S is NOT silent)

    You. You are.

    Drop the list and we cool.

  4. Hiannnnnnn Edomalo @ za rate you are going broda Klaus may just decide to test the workings of the Bazooka on you before gifting…..after all it ain’t good to give out something without being sure it’s working properly ya??

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