29 comments on “Dear Santa…

  1. Hahahaha..

    They really do deserve it tho.. I m sure santa will consider ur request nd probably grant ur wish.. Just make sure I am not in the bus when u decide to deploy the shells

  2. Ibro!!! Abi Edomaloooo!!!!!!
    Kai!!! Danfo driver…to bazooka….LOL…may Santa grant you’re unusual gift

  3. Hahahahaha……
    *rolling to paris*
    Hopefully you getting your bazooka will PURGE Lagos roads off em yellow somethings. …lol

  4. OMG!!! Don’t worry, u might get it before Christmas … If i was Santa i’ll pre Christmas giftings n you will top on the list lol…. Nice piece couldn’t stop laughing

  5. Hahahahah! 😂😂😂 If only one….just one…of these danfo drivers would read this… but… O ma she o😢 meanwhile, I have been enlisted as one of Santa’s elves this year, so you better see me if you really want that bazooka, Beardo.

    • Ah! Sister Shalom. I have access to a friend’s warehouse. We can stash some of the undelivered gifts and open a garage sale style shop next year o! #PlanFor2017in2016

  6. Dear captainquest

    Please I want first dibs when you get the bazooka. There are a few people I would very much like to blast.

    That mumu driver that reversed into my car and had the effontry to say that I was at fault because I no sabi drive as I be woman. Then didn’t hv the money to fix the car when push came to shove. Two blasts for him

    That saucy sales girl that insisted I do a bank transfer instead of using the pos. She must have been tipped off bcos my preferred bank owned the pos

    I would hv blasted some customers for their scrion scrion behaviour but they say the customer is King and na from their patronage I dey chop so no blasts yet for them. But they should not tempt me at all

      no worry, soon as I’m done with Mr. Danfo, I’ll take care of your list. A nice lady like yourself shouldn’t get her hands dirty. So I go do ya deti work.

      For a token fee of course.
      Country hard.

  7. Loool @ ur middle finger had a spasm “…pants on fire 😛…”
    No please I wasn’t wearing my glasses what did u do there 🙈….
    What kind of kid asks for a Bazooka?#totallyshockedmehn , I don’t even know what kind of gifts ur kids would want…#millenials
    So am done now *chewslastcoconutchip*

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