21 comments on “MY BEER STORY (part iv)

  1. Oh dear… Where have I been… Its delicious this story, im gredging the previous ones even as i write. How could I have missed such pure ingenuity? #Ok bye #nuffsaid

  2. Thoroughly impressed bro. Question im asking myself is where have I been? Missed all the good ish…. Superbly written. I find your use of hyperbole really hard core! I will digest the predecessors of this epic work and await its offspring! #nuffsaid #okbye

  3. Like Ireti said, Ejiro is just a douchebag. I hope there will be more tales of his foolishness to keep us entertained.

  4. Extremely amusing! I’d’ve slapped that Zubi guy myself how dare he? As for that poor goat *sighs* I wonder if there’s a herbivore shrink? *scratches head*
    And you descriptive skills… I have no words
    Awesome post, keep ‘em coming *exits blog*

  5. Oh Goodness Gracious Me! I’m cracking up so badly, I feel a dizzying spell coming up! Get a grip, babes I mutter to myself, chillax! Oh Shmuckz! Zubi’s a loose canon! Who makes such unflattering remarks ’bout a newborn to its parents?! Big Oops! Lmao@ ‘moonwalking hairline’, I mean; seriously?! I could gush on, but mehn, this is great stuff! Humour never looked or felt so surreal! And the goat episode? Epic! Double thumbs up to you Captain, this is what masterpieces are made of. Way to go!

  6. Bilingual haf fall my hand. That slap should have been accompanied with a diaper full of fresh baby poop. Hahahahahahaha! Ibrahim Sulaiman, and you need redemption. See me laughing like I’m high on fermented kunu.

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