14 comments on “My Beer Story (part III)

  1. I don’t the kind of laughter this elicited is good for the heart.. Lord!!! Hilarity through and through.
    Keep it coming a little more consistently will you? Entreating us to put that gun down might not be so easy next time… 🙂

  2. Nice. Me likey. Keep it coming. An interesting read. Given me an idea, thank U :). My gun is still in my drawer, haven’t coCKed it yet…

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  5. Got here from My Mind Snaps. I absolutely love this piece, its so well written with a generous dose of hilarity. Ejiro’s a real class act, no dull moments at all! Kudos to you, Captain, ahoy! Lolz

  6. funny stuff! See me muffling my laughter cos I’m in the office. My colleague passed my desk and saw the twinkle in my eyes sha. Can’t muffle that! Hehe

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