22 comments on “why my kids will NEVER go to Boarding School (part1)

  1. Haba! Convenant is also a counted as a boarding school? Hahahaha
    But seriously, I agree but my issue stems from the fact your kid could not just return as a mini con but also as a homosexual, believing in some evil doctrine or bad bad habits
    I believe kids are tender at that age and are the parents duty. Train up a kid the way he should go. He will never forget.

    • But what will you say about kids who grew up in Church and now live opposing lives?
      I think society plays a bigger role, school is a short phase.

      However I went to boarding school – SS 2 & 3 though, which are the only years I’d let my kids be in boarding school – no bullying.

      • Hahaha! You had the easy years tbh so yeah, I’m with you on that…no. actually I’m not. I maintain that MY kids will NEVER…you know the rest.
        It’s true about le societie playing a longer role too. Good point

  2. Lol, is that your pseudo name?
    You missed out on the diseases (scabies) the kids take back home and pass it on to their younger brothers, blame it on the poor boy for playing outside and passing it (not writing about myself here, just ermm a story I once heard). You mentioned paws, dude they flogged the daylight out of me with a cutlass and a T square and asked if I was ok. Well sorry for ranting on your page.
    P.s that scabies fella was not me

    • Of course it wasn’t you, Brian. We believe ya. Always wondered how it feels, scabies… Do you know?

    • Of course it wasn’t you, Brian. We believe ya. Always wondered how it feels, scabies… Do you know?lol

  3. There is a lot of truth in what you have written, but as a parent/guardian, you are not your child’s only influence. A child will learn what he/she wants to learn; be it under your roof as a “Day” student or all the way at some “Boarding” school, but I can understand choosing the lesser evil.
    Lmao at the girl with the newly acquired “H” she should have insisted on a school in the north like the rest of us lol.

  4. Looool! Dude u’re making me feel bad! I went to a boarding school throughout and also attended covenant university! I for one won’t like my kids to go to a boarding school too.but there are a lot of lessons there. Like i stopped sucking my fingers when i got there. But this is a very funny post tho

  5. Lol…Funny how I had this boarding house chat with my neighbour a couple of days ago…I’m very anti-boarding house too but only recently I changed my mind and decided that my kids might most likely end up there,life has taught me to never say never..
    P.S- Your write-ups always crack me up..thumbs up

  6. ROFLC!! (The ‘c’ is for concurring!lol). TOTALLY agree, mate! (Except for the whole rifle biz…). MY main issue is that for 8months outta the year, my kid’ll be raised by someone else’s values – not mine. No thanks…

  7. Funny enough, I always wished I went to a boarding school. I always attribute my lack of organisation especially when it comes to keeping my wardrobe tidy and all to being a day student all my life, however my siblings who went to boarding schools all turned out good as per organisation and all that :p ( that’s a good excuse don’t you think? Lol). Oh well… To board these kids or not to board?

  8. I hated boarding school, till today any detergent that smells like OMO can trigger depression in me. There was this evil senior Morayo… So wicked, so daft, we would declare a communal fast when it’s time for exams so she would get promoted… no one wanted lucifer to repeat. 😦

  9. This got me. My field. High school is very intense for everyone. But at a boarding school, because you’re there 24 hours a day, everything gets magnified. Then, there is no sure way to get rid of bullies but I learnt dt d best way to deal wit high school bullies is to grow up to b smarter, richer and better looking than them, then add them on ur social ntwork. The high u get from their grovelling can be well expressed in words. Meanwhile, ur H-factor friend must have gone to a school where pebbles are polished and diamonds dimmed. My own boarding school days – at my now seemingly defunct school, at any rate – were grisly: lumpy mattresses, cold dorms, terrible food, harsh discipline etc. I was a cane chester, stubborn to d core nd so I survived well. D devil in me dt laid dormant bcame coolishly active nd so I was never oppressed nd found myself constantly missing my new friends (who hd bcome my partners in crime) when I was home. But d 21st century Private boarding schools are fab. By sending ur kids to such boarding schools your child will be embarking on an incredible adventure. He will be exposed to all kinds of new ideas and different points of view, will be able to select both academic nd non-academic courses which will enrich and challenge him nd most importantly strengths will be expanded and weaknesses will be addressed in a positive environment. Nice piece, Captain!

  10. 1st of all i tink i kw dat ajebo neighbor of urs lol! secondly i went to a boarding school & i totally have no regrets cos i turned out stronger and a better child got hardworking & left all my lazy attitudes behind. but den i tink u have a point sha cos dis dayz d rate @which kids tink its ok 2b gay is alarming & it wont b surprising they learnt it frm school, my kids are not going to attend boarding sha! nice piece especially the convenant uni part i feel Usman’s pain cos am kinda in it right now i kw d millions my mum is paying.

  11. Hmmm… ironic but I believe we 1st met in a boarding school? Well, only very matured minded children should be sent to the boarding house. Some donors don’t want to see their off-spring around they’re not cut out for parenting, hence the boarding school becomes a solution. My take is wherever you children eventual ends up going, pray God that they will have parents like you to care for them. And… Kids are off spring of goats and we have enough of that in the society. Pls name them appropriately ‘Children’.

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