36 comments on “The War That Isn’t

  1. … *amazed*

    Mail it to every president c/o their embassies. Also make it a spoken word video, get a domain name for it and host the video and the poem on it. Finally send it to every African oriented media program on major news networks, local and foreign. Lets see what happens…

    • I wish this could be televised such that it gets everywhere because these suicide bombers mostly act on their profound ignorance. They are led into believing that they are fighting for a Good cause whereas the reverse is the case.. This write up is just awesome..

  2. And that is the end of the matter. The suicide bomber is a murderer. Not just a fanatic. But then mindless fanatism always leads to murder (and murder doesn’t have to be physical). True words Ibrahim. Great lines there.

  3. Absolutely profound!!!!! I agree with Jay, send it to every president c/o of their embassies, this is a must read.

  4. U can’t afford to be a terrorist after reading this. Your conscience won’t just let you. A matured piece. Few lines, great message. Deeper than deep…

  5. Kai, am short of words, pls I agree wt “Jay ” also, send it to em embssies, inshort to anywhere sendable. I jus wish d people responsible fe all ds wud ve access to ds mindblowing piece.Pls ds piece must go viral more than “Oga at d top” did.

  6. Ibrahim Onimisi, this peace stirred deep thoughts and emotions within me. I wish this could be printed and pasted on every lamp post, billboard, public square, church, mosque, shrine…in short, everywhere!

  7. Wow! My jaw dropped as the walk down the lane of thy piece, A must read a friend told me, and now I’m here but taken to the occaenz of thoughts. Hmm! This is a word from the source, so let in out. beautifully arranged dictionz and the choices Woa! If only they will read this piece change, then THEAven and the EArth will get that PEAce. Weldon ma poet. 18157

  8. True perspective, this mind set needs to consume the norm and spread, we need to value lives…enough is enough

  9. True talk! The part that speaks to me is where it says, ‘win the battle within yourself and know peace’. We all have areas where we need to man up and address, cos the greatest battle is the battle against self. A Latin saying says ‘vincit que se vincit’, meaning ‘he conquers who conquers himself’. No one can truly conquer himself and have peace if he/she hasn’t made peace with God, the giver of peace. God bless you CaptainQuest!!!

  10. Awesome,Inspirational,terrific,marvelous,beautiful,its Waoh,i love ds piece nd will love tobe a part of it pls,let’s make a video on ds nd it’l be great,pls gv d video a tot got some ideas on ow to make it real,nice1bro nd tnks kaffy 4 showin us ds.

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