11 comments on “Viva La Policia

  1. Lmao @ “Oga you like my music”…….that akward moment when a 6 foot 4inches buffed guy who’s muscles are covered in tattoos responds in the voice of a prepubescent girl….:-)

  2. LWKMD!!!. I cldnt hav bn able 2 hold myslf… “Viva 4eva- Spice Girls”… I wld hav “LOL-ed” all the way 2 the hospital!

  3. Of ‘Ascaris’, Automatic Rifles, Weeds, and Pop Culture! Hey Cap! You just might have a career in stand-up comedy and I hear its quite lucrative too. So, what says thou?! Kudos to you for this piece, certified dope! Lolzzz

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