35 comments on “Will Kiss For Food

  1. “Anyone reading this, if you can help me, I would be willing to barter. I just need good food because these bachelor attempts at cooking aren’t for me…” <——- dear writer, why are u looking 4 something that is in your sokoto in sokoto huh? Its easy. Go and Marry the BOO!!! :*

  2. heres a thought………………………………….just marry and end the tyranny of being a bachelor(smiling)

  3. you know u cannot cook bros and carry the phone to the kitchen. it needs concentration. just like driving, when u start u are careful but when u are good u can if make and receive calls when driving. kapish

  4. …..aaaaannnd there we have it……mystery solved. what Jaule Takamdi said :-). Find a wife.

    (in the mean time, buy an aboki…..that covers breaky – meshai, and dinner – steak aka suya)

    • Hahahaha!!!!!! That’s y its good to marry and rid urself of all dis unnecessary misery! A man can never be a pro like a woman! We cook n bb at d same time. lmao!

  5. Lmao……ibrahim dis is one hell of a nice read. D only tip I have for u is to marry her, yep, d one u were chattin with all day. Ciao!

  6. Awww, poor you. Oya come get some food, I’m willing to share…but don’t forget what ur d sign says…*smiling Mischievously*….ohhh wait, uv got a booboo. Hisssss. Ehenn, go and finally marry d babe so u dnt av to multi-task falling,gettn burnt,browsing and pinging next-time. Thank me later *big smile*

  7. Oh now I get the phrase ‘will kiss for food’ (LMAO) well I guess you have all the advise you can get before you yet kiss for food mean while concentrate on food while on food (wink)…
    I Salute captain.

  8. Hahaahaha! Seems like u need to get married and end this long suffering, pains taking misery! A man can never be a pro like a woman! We ping and cook at d same time!

  9. I like the seriousness and humor in this…. Well. Its a cash n carry world dear. Not Kind n carry…. Good luck. *m tryin so hard nt to laugh*

  10. LOL!
    I hate kitchen disasters. I’ll probably kiss for food too,despite being a girl.. But then again,I’d kiss for anything.

    Now the picture got me rolling.. Maybe take another with puppy eyes and you may just find someone thatll trade.

  11. sombody help… This is beautiful capt. You have a beautiful way of describing. I ‘saw’ it all happen. Nice one.

  12. That is why the bible is a complete book and it said, “He who finds a wife has found a good thing”, so all you have to do is “go marry sharperly” to end such experience. You know, some testimonies can be avoided like this one. Lmao

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